The Poseidon Se7en Rebreather

 is a fully closed-circuit, automated rebreather (eCCR) that will allow you to have a very different and improved diving experience. The Se7en is exceptionally small, light and simple to use. With an unmatched degree of automation, the diver is better able to enjoy the dive.
Designed, built and tested to perform in all conditions, the POSEIDON SE7EN is the next generation rebreather. Performance and ease of use are combined to enable divers of all abilities to experience the underwater world without compromise. Whether you want to get closer to marine life, spend much more time underwater, dive deeper or simply enjoy the bubble-free silence, the POSEIDON SE7EN is a different way to dive. Everything in the Poseidon Se7en is made with simplicity and safety in mind.
This version of the Poseidon Se7en Rebreather is version intended sport diving to {132 fsw | 40 msw}. The package from Dive Gear Express includes:

Se7en Closed-Circuit Rebreather

Rec 40 Battery

Paddle LCD Display

Molex Oxygen Sensors (qty 2)

11-Inch Mounting Adapter Kit

Poseidon BCD for rebreather (Blue or Gray, Choice of Size)

3L Aluminum Cylinders and Inline Valves

Tank Mounting Straps (set of four)